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TXT Fans Push Back Against Pro-Palestine HYBE Boycotts, Calling Out “Hypocrisy”

Fans are debating the efficacy of boycotting.

Since the additional attention placed on the ongoing human rights violations occurring in the Gaza Strip against Palestinians began, communities worldwide have rallied to show support and protest Israel’s actions against civilians.

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This includes the K-Pop community, as fans have worked online and offline to show their support through boycotts, and attempted to inform idols about their boycott related choices.

Fans of HYBE groups have continually protested against the company’s choices, with a large focus on HYBE America CEO, Scooter Braun. This has manifested in protests in person and fans have encouraged boycotts of all things coming from the company.

However, fans of TXT recently have pushed back against boycotts.

TXT’s upcoming album Minisode 3: Tomorrow is set to be released on April 1 and the group is preparing to embark on their third world tour, Act: Promise.


Following the guidelines of the boycotts, TXT’s tour and release would be included.

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However, some fans feel that boycott efforts have placed an unfair focus on TXT, shown through support of other HYBE artists’ releases and results.

On the other hand, many have stated that the boycott targets all artists rather than focusing on TXT, and that the purpose of the boycott goes beyond any streaming result. Many TXT fans increased protesting efforts following the discovery of a Zionist included in TXT’s album tracklist.

You can read more about HYBE protest efforts below.

#HYBEDivestFromZionism — Why Netizens Are “Singling Out” The Big 4 Company




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