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TXT Wasn’t Ready When A Fan Asked To Marry Bang Si Hyuk

Their responses were just as funny as their reactions.

Since the TXT members often turn down marriage proposals, one fan got a bit creative by asking to marry someone as close to the group as they could: HYBE‘s founder Bang Si Hyuk. The group’s reactions and responses made the moment twice as humorous.

Bang Si Hyuk (center) and TXT. | @hitmanb72/Instagram

During a live broadcast, Yeonjun noticed an unexpected question he couldn’t help but read for everyone. A fan asked, “Can I marry Bang PD?” Their reactions were funnier than the question.

Yeonjun and Hueningkai burst into laughter, with the former asking, “What?Taehyun cracked a smile while Soobin‘s jaw dropped to the floor.

Despite Soobin’s hilariously shocked reaction, he was the first to answer the fan’s question. He fully supported the idea by saying, “Yes, you can!

Always ready with a logical response, Taehyun confirmed that Bang Si Hyuk’s love life was off-limits to them. With a smile, he said, “Not our business.

Although the members of TXT won’t be getting married any time soon, they hilariously confirmed that Bang Si Hyuk is available.

| @hitmanb72/Instagram




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