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TXT’s Beomgyu Is Confident In His Visuals, But There’s One Thing He’d Change

Soobin didn’t want him to change it at all.

With visuals as stunning as TXT‘s Beomgyu‘s, it makes sense why he’s confident in them. Still, like every human being, even he has a part of his face he’s not as confident about.

Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

During one of the group’s live broadcasts, they stumbled onto the topic of looks. At the time, Beomgyu admitted that he didn’t view his visuals as the beauty standard. Talking to Soobin, Beomgyu said, “To be honest, I don’t like my face much. Because your face is the type that the public likes these days.

That didn’t mean Beomgyu didn’t appreciate his handsome looks. He explained, “Put simply, I’m a typical good-looking one.” There was one thing he’d change, though.

Surprising Soobin, Beomgyu shared what he’d mentioned to his family and friends. He said, “I want to remove my double eyelids in that regard. I thought about it many times.

Soobin rejected the idea. He responded, “Thanks to double eyelids, you look handsome and strong. That’s your charm.

Like Soobin said, fans love Beomgyu just the way he is, especially his double eyelids that fans compliment as the “prettiest.” But even the most beautiful people have things they’d change about themselves.

| @TXT_members/Twitter




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