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TXT’s Beomgyu Proves He Is An LGBTQ+ Ally With Simple But Sweet Gesture

A fan call is going viral.

Recently, a video of TXT‘s Beomgyu painting his avatar’s rainbow-colored hoodie went viral with 278K views at the time of writing. A MOA, prince (@mylittlecrown on X) quote-tweeted it, saying he would drop a clip from his fan call with Beomgyu.

Prince kept his promise and shared a clip from a virtual fan meeting with Beomgyu. During the fan call, Beomgyu pointed to prince’s background, complimenting the Pride flag next to TXT’s album. The video has gone viral with 352K views on X, with many now reposting on other social media apps, such as TikTok.

Prince added that Beomgyu was genuinely so kind and even complimented his voice as well. LGBTQIA+ MOAs feel seen and appreciated by Beomgyu due to his sweet gesture.

It’s still taboo for most K-Pop idols to publicly voice their support for the LGBTQIA+ community due to South Korea’s conservativism. Still, idols, such as TXT, find ways to make all their fans feel loved and respected. Read more below.

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