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TXT’s Hueningkai Accidentally Leaks Beomgyu’s Phone Number

Their reactions couldn’t be more different.

TXT‘s youngest, Hueningkai, just gave the K-Pop world its most iconically chaotic start to this new year.

Hueningkai | Weverse

On January 3, Beomgyu surprised MOAs (TXT’s fanbase) by launching his personal Instagram account. He is the third member to do so after Yeonjun and Soobin.

The group’s maknae, Hueningkai, was so excited to share this news with fans that he ended up accidentally exposing his hyung‘s contact number to the public!

Hueningkai treated fans with a surprise Weverse livestream on the same day. While on air, the idol started talking to Beomgyu over a phone call and excitedly cheered for launching his Instagram.

In a moment of excitement, Hueningkai ended up showing his phone screen to the camera while Beomgyu was still on the call, and his phone number was visible on screen for a good few seconds for the thirty-something-thousand viewers on the live.

Kai: Wooooo Bbomgyu hyong is the best!!
Beomgyu: Please show it lots of love and support!!
Kai: That’s what he said,

When Beomgyu finally pointed it out to Hueningkai, he went comically silent as if his entire life flashed before his eyes. But Beomgyu coolly brushed it off, saying he would immediately change his number.

Beomgyu: Hey kai, my phone number is showing there
Kai: Oh.

With this assurance, Hueningkai went straight back to his loud cheerleader mode, congratulating Beomgyu again for his new Instagram account.

Beomgyu: I’ll change it right away~
Kai: Woooo!

Kai: Yay!! Congratulations… It’s okay, he’ll change [his number] right away so… Anyways, he said he’s going to open his personal Instagram! Wooo!

On the one hand, MOAs couldn’t help but cackle at the cute mistake of the maknae, and on the other, they were left impressed by how well Beomgyu handled the matter right away so that Hueningkai didn’t feel bad about it.




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