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TXT’s Silly Behavior At The “38th Golden Disc Awards” Earns Them A Fan-Given “Award”

TXT had all the idols laughing!

When it comes to fourth-generation groups, TXT are some of the most “Gen-Z,” amusing fans with their fun personalities.


TXT recently gained attention for continuing this behavior at a recent award show.

On January 6, the 38th Golden Disc Awards took place with TXT in attendance. The group looked gorgeous walking the red carpet along with the many other stars.

They also had a successful night, taking home “Indonesia Fans’ Choice” and “Best Album Bonsang.”

However, some of their actions throughout a segment of the show also have started going viral!

PSICK interviewed in the artist seating area during the show, calling it the PSICK Show Mini Awards. During Kim Minsu‘s “Fashion Award Of The Year,” the entertainer asked Soobin if he could go with him to a “Paris fashion show.”

Soobin responded with an energetic “NAH,” while shaking his head, mimicking the host.

Next, Huening Kai gave his reasoning for the award, saying that his fashion was “perfect.” When asked to do a fashion pose, Huening Kai began to hit the “Roy Purdy,” also known as the “Orange Justice” Fortnite emote.

Finally, Yeonjun gained attention for his outstanding cover of Taemin‘s “Guilty” during the show.

He also went viral for his unexpected way of trying to win the “Best Heart Performance Award,” body rolling with Taehyun

…and somersaulting! He even affected ZEROBASEONE‘s Gunwook, who had an interaction with the idol later on.

ZEROBASEONE Park Gunwook’s Witty Interaction With TXT’s Yeonjun Makes All The Idols Laugh

Fans have declared TXT “IDGAF Award” recipients for their “IJBOL” activities.

Congratulations to TXT for ALL their wins at the show!




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