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TXT’s Soobin Names The K-Pop Idol Who’s Always Been The Friendliest To Him

They were especially kind to him during his time as a “Music Bank” MC.

When TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin were hosts for KBS‘s Music Bank, the two met many of their fellow K-Pop idols and interacted with them often.

Soobin and OH MY GIRL’s Arin. | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

And out of all the idols he met, Soobin recently revealed which one has always been extremely kind to him, so much so that he’s been counting the days until he could be his friend.

As a special guest on Mr. Chae the Castaway, Soobin revealed that Starship Entertainment‘s veteran boy group MONSTA X never failed to be kind. He said, “Even when I was the MC for ‘Music Bank,’ all of the MONSTA X members were so friendly.

Years later, Soobin still couldn’t forget Hyungwon‘s thoughtful actions. As they rode an amusement ride together, Soobin told him, “But you were particularly kind. You probably don’t remember.

That’s why Soobin voiced his desire to be friends with Hyungwon. Soobin admitted, “I wanted to get closer to you.

It looks like Soobin’s wish is coming true. Not only did Hyungwon and Soobin spend the day together filming, but they also exchanged numbers. During a live broadcast, Hyungwon even revealed they met again after filming.

Hyungwon and Soobin. | @coenffl/Instagram

See Soobin get his wish of getting closer to Hyungwon, the idol who’s always been super kind to him.



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