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TXT’s Soobin Randomly Appeared At His Old High School, And He Left Students Starstruck At His Handsome Visuals

Check out more photos of his visit here.

TXT‘s Soobin was born to be a star!

He is one of five members of TXT, a boy group under HYBE. He is known for his kind personality, strong leadership, all-rounder skills, and of course, his good looks. In fact, Soobin has been praised far and wide for his “lovely” and “sweet” visuals.

This fact becomes even more apparent than ever when seeing him up close—for instance, when he visited his old school!

On September 27, the leader was spotted visiting his former high school in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. It was a big surprise to the students currently studying there, especially those in the classroom he entered.

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

The lucky students started their day with Soobin greeting them in front of the blackboard. He looked as handsome as can be in a simple ensemble consisting of a white t-shirt and denim jacket.

Even the mask covering his face couldn’t hide his handsomeness!

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

The high school students discreetly took photos of him when he was standing in the middle of the hallway.

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

When he noticed, he gave them a bright smile and posed for the camera just like his K-Pop roots taught him.

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

Soobin signed a few more autographs for the lucky Ansan students or staff before making his way outside.

| @luv_txtSB/Twitter

He didn’t forget to leave a note of encouragement to the class he visited, wishing them luck in their upcoming exams.

Fans online thought positively of the whole situation. They joked that anyone who chose that day to be absent was probably regretting it with their whole hearts.

They also found the photos where he hung out with the faculty and visited their office heartwarming.

Of course, he looked like the campus crush everyone expected him to be.

From pre-debut until now, high school Soobin was a total heartthrob!

Soobin Pre-Debut

Soobin Pre-Debut




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