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TXT’s Soobin Spills On Why He Finds BTS’s RM “The Coolest Person In The World”

The two Big Hit leaders share the closest bond now.

Recently, TXT member and leader Soobin held a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday with fans on December 5. While discussing his relationship with his seniors, the BTS members, he announced that he looks up to RM as a role model and shared a surprising story.

When TXT debuted, RM had personally reached out to Soobin and assured him that if he needed any help as a leader of the team, he could contact RM freely. Then, about a month or two ago, Soobin faced some troubling thoughts and situations that he really couldn’t handle by himself. So, he actually reached out to the BTS leader for the first time and got invited to his house!

Sunbaenim personally contacted me when we debuted and told me,’You, too, are now a leader of a team, so if you want to meet with me leader to leader or if you have any questions for hyung, contact me at any time.’…Because he had said this, I kept thinking about it, and then, I tried contacting him for the first time. I went to his house.

—Soobin, Weverse Live

The two ended up having a one-on-one conversation, which made Soobin even more impressed by RM’s personality. He said that now he feels determined to follow in his footsteps as a leader and a person.

We talked together and just…I felt that he’s a very cool and warm person. He’s the type of a person who makes you feel reassured just being by his side. I’ve always respected him, but while talking with him, it made me think he’s a very cool hyung and I want to learn from him a lot and be like him.

—Soobin, Weverse Live

Not only did RM help out Soobin as a senior when he was feeling confused, he even made sure that his juniors could talk about their close relationship comfortably with fans. Soobin said he initially didn’t want to share this story in case RM felt uncomfortable. But RM insisted that he reveals the tight-knit dynamic he has with his seniors.

I wasn’t going to [mention RM] in case he might feel uncomfortable…but I met him somewhere, probably at an award ceremony or something, and he said, ‘We have this kind of relationship, show that we’re close’! So I’m going to try showing that we’re close now.

—Soobin, Weverse Live

Now that the BTS leader has given his permission, maybe fans can look forward to even more heartwarming stories of the two Big Hit groups.



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