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TXT’s Taehyun Fanboys Over BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” And Names His Favorite Song

Taehyun loves the album as much as BLINKs.

During TXT‘s recent live broadcast, Taehyun took a moment to fanboy over BLACKPINK‘s newest album BORN PINK, along with naming his favorite song from it.

Taehyun | Weverse

Since Taehyun wondered which groups appeared on the latest music show, Yeonjun quickly pointed out that “BLACKPINK sunbae-nims (seniors)” had been part of the lineup.

Taehyun then gushed about listening to BORN PINK, “Their new album is insane. I listened to the entire album as soon as we arrived in Korea.” He even had a favorite song from the album.

Taehyun chose the song that left fans pleasantly shocked by the explicit lyrics. He said, “I really love ‘Tally’ a lot.

He was also a fan of the title track. Taehyun continued to praise the group, “The quality is insane. ‘Shut Down’ was also amazing.

BLACKPINK has once again come back with music so strong that fellow idols are loving the album too.




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