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TXT’s Unbelievably High Concert Ticket Prices Bring Scathing Criticism For HYBE

Fans caught the dynamic pricing effect in real time.

Along with the upcoming release of their new mini album Minisode 3: TOMORROW, TXT is also preparing for an upcoming world tour, ACT: PROMISE.

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The world tour will kick off in Seoul on May 3, after which the group is scheduled to perform across eleven cities in the US. On BIGHIT’s website, it says that more dates are to be expected.

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While many fans have started buying tickets for this much-awaited tour, concerns about dynamic pricing manipulating ticket costs beyond any reasonable limit have raised a flag on social media. In particular, one fan uploaded a video of the effect of dynamic pricing in action on the website Ticketmaster, which has created some significant buzz.

In the video, the OP (original poster) points out that after purchasing their tickets for the Washington DC show, when they refreshed the page, the prices of the seated section went up absurdly. Some of those seats cost around USD 800-USD 900 dollars, without any unique benefits.

The OP also mentioned that the total cost of the two tickets they purchased was nearly 200 bucks less than the refreshed price of a seated section right next to them. While OP was able to secure seats near the stage, after the dynamic pricing, the nosebleed seats cost the same.

Another absurd point about these prices, as pointed out by many others, was that the floor tickets, which are usually the most expensive in a concert, were cheaper than the lower bowl seats. While the former seats were sold at around USD 300 dollars, the latter touched over USD 900 dollars.

Some also showed proof of lowerbowl VIP tickets at certain venues crossing well over USD 1000 dollars.

This dynamic pricing practice created a heated online discourse. Many criticized HYBE for its “greed.” Among them, however, some still purchased the tickets begrudgingly. In contrast, others took it as a sign to push ahead with the HYBE boycott, primarily to force the company to divest from Zionism, but with the added hope of the label getting a strict message to control their ticket prices as well.




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