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Tzuyu Was Asked To Give TWICE’s Visual Ranking… Here’s How She Answered

Tzuyu has the heart of an angel!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has the heart of an angel, and this was on display when she was asked to rank the members in terms of visuals.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

During TWICE’s guest appearance on MBC FM4U‘s radio program Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’clock Date, Tzuyu was asked if she considers herself the group’s most beautiful member. Tzuyu answered no as soon as this question got asked.

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

Tzuyu shared that each member has their own unique charms and attractiveness.

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

When asked to give her personal ranking of TWICE’s visuals, Tzuyu said that all the members are number 1!

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

However, Tzuyu then jokingly said that a member’s ranking can drop if they’re bloated that day, and this caused everyone to laugh.

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

Tzuyu was then asked if anyone’s ranking had dropped, and she said that everyone looked beautiful.

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube





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