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“Visual Princess” — NCT Jaemin’s Royally Gorgeous Look At The “Circle Chart Music Awards 2023” Gains Attention

All hail princess Jaemin.

NCT‘s Jaemin is a gorgeous and talented idol, something that has been proven time and time again. His stunning visuals manage to make any style look good on him.

NCT’s Jaemin | SBS
| SM Entertainment

His transformation over the last few years as he put on muscle has also attracted attention, particularly because of his hugely contrasting “princess” personality.

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Recently, the idol gained attention for a gorgeous look at an award show!

On January 10, the Circle Chart Music Awards 2023 took place, awarding groups’ performances on the music charts. NCT DREAM was in attendance, along with numerous other celebrities.


Jaemin looked handsome on the red carpet, even while acting silly with the other group members.

(left to right) NCT’s Jaemin, Jisung and Chenle

The group had a great night, securing multiple awards and continuing their successful award show season.

NCT DREAM also performed during the show, and Jaemin’s look during and after the performance has left many in awe.

His hairstyle was changed to something a little more “messy,” and his outfit featured a deep v-cut. The cropped cut of the new jacket also created a more defined silhouette, showing off his figure.

Jaemin’s make-up also changed to highlight his large eyes with glitter, as though he were crying sparkles.

His visuals gained attention throughout the night, including during the group’s acceptance speech after their performance.

NCT’s Jaemin and Jeno (right)

Naturally, fans praised the idol’s visuals, loving “princess” Jaemin’s latest look!

Check out more Jaemin moments below.

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