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WayV Is “Blamed” For Their “Low Popularity” By SM Entertainment, Angering Fans

The moment was shared in a behind-the-scenes clip.

A recent moment from a behind-the-scenes video from one of WayV‘s song recordings has left fans with a sour taste.

WayV | SM Entertainment

WayV recently returned with On My Youth, featuring the title track of the same name.

Recently, a video detailing the recording of the title track was shared, giving fans a look at the group’s unedited talents. In addition to the recording, these clips usually give insight into how the group first reacts to the new songs.

After listening to the track, Ten commented on how the performance of the song will be.  The staff member then explained that since WayV’s last album release had been a while, they wanted a song that could become well-known.

She then says that rather than being worried about showing good performances, staff were concerned with whether the results would be better or if the general public would like it.

The staff member then says that choosing a song that audiences can sing along to is a better choice and that once they are “more well known,” they can show their performance capabilities.

While wanting a song that will perform well makes sense, fans did not like the delivery of this message. Many felt that the blame was being placed on WayV for their popularity level when other company-made obstacles stood in the way.

For example, fans mentioned that SM Entertainment kept the group on hiatus for nearly two years between the release of Kick Back and Phantom, which did not help them gain more fans.

According to fans, the group have also missed out on promotion opportunities with no explanations.

Fans also felt the comments implied that WayV did not have a substantial fanbase when this is untrue. WayV have not yet held their first concert world tour despite being a five-year-old group, but a fake tweet announcing a fictional tour was viewed over one million times.

WayV did hold an actual On My Youth showcase tour in China, where every date sold out.

| SM Entertainment

Fans expressed their anger towards the company’s “gaslighting” of WayV and their hopes that the group will be treated better in the future.

You can watch the full video below.




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