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WayV’s Xiaojun Sparks Laughter By Running Away From An Interviewer

Fans might’ve found out the reason for his hilariously smooth getaway.

WayV recently attended the 2022 Indonesian Television Awards and performed a few of their hit songs. While the audience loved their performance, a behind-the-scenes moment involving Xiaojun and an interviewer had fans laughing.

Ten, Xiaojun, Hendery, YangYang, and Kun. | @WayV_official/Twitter

As the group waited for their interview to kick off, a female interviewer made her way to stand in the middle of them, right between Xiaojun and Kun. It turned out that Xiaojun had a better idea for their positions.

In a matter of seconds, Xiaojun twirled around gracefully and effortlessly switched spots with YangYang.

Between his smooth getaway and wondering why he needed to change spots, WayZenNis couldn’t help laughing. Some of them might’ve figured out why Xiaojun made such a quick move, though.

Some thought Xiaojun’s shy side was making an appearance. And because the interviewer was speaking English, they thought he didn’t want to be one of the first to answer questions.

Whatever the reason, Xiaojun has created yet another funny moment for fans to joke about.




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