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Wendy Describes The Struggles Of Living In A Tiny Room Within Red Velvet’s Dorm

Wendy has one of the smallest rooms among the Red Velvet members.

In an episode of JTBC‘s Mysterious Record Shop, Red Velvet‘s Wendy vented about the struggles of living in one of the smallest rooms in the dorm.

While talking about interior design, Wendy confessed that she still lives in a dorm with her fellow members and that while all the rooms are of different sizes, she has one of the smallest rooms.

It turns out that Wendy kindly accepted one of the smallest rooms when the members first assigned rooms during move-in.

And despite having been a successful K-Pop artist for eight, almost nine years now, Wendy vented that she doesn’t have much room.

I only have a bed, a mini keyboard desk, and a small iron wardrobe, but there’s no room for me to walk.

— Wendy

Not only did she limit the amount of furniture, but her bed is actually an elevated bed!

I have an elevated bed with my desk and keyboard underneath, but the ceiling is low, so it hurts my neck.

— Wendy

And as a fellow idol, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun sympathized with Wendy’s struggles.

Back in our Super Junior days of 13 members, I didn’t even have my own room. So there were times when I went around with a suitcase in my hand for as long as a month at a time.

— Kyuhyun

But as we all hope for Wendy, Kyuhyun offered her words of hope and encouragement.

Things will get better sooner or later.

— Kyuhyun

Watch the full revelation below:

Red Velvet



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