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What Actually Went Through NCT Taeyong’s Mind The Time He Gave Johnny An “Affronted” Look

He was honest as can be about the iconic moment!

NCT 127‘s Taeyong sat down for an interview with Elle where he talked about various experiences he had over the years in the form of popular memes about him.

One of them was the time he made an “unfair [or affronted] expression” while feeding fellow member Johnny his beloved sweet potatoes.

Taeyong couldn’t help but laugh as he remembered the exact event being described. He acknowledged that he looked like a “kind-hearted” guy who did a favor for his friend.

A kind-hearted Taeyong.

— Taeyong

In reality, however, he did not want to be doing the task at all. His precious snack was being devoured by someone else and it left him with a grudge.

I was thinking, ‘Ah, my sweet potato.’

— Taeyong

He admitted that he wasn’t as neutral as he may have appeared. His expression did not even come close to what he was feeling inside!

I was making a very unfair expression. I gave it to him. I gave it. But [I was] making a really unfair expression.

— Taeyong

He summarized what happened by cheekily commenting on his multi-faceted personality.

I guess I’m a contradictory person, both in body and mind.

— Taeyong

At the end of the day, Taeyong and Johnny are still close friends—no matter what happened with the sweet potatoes!

Taeyong (Left) and Johnny (Right) | SM Entertainment

Check out the full video below to learn more about Taeyong.




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