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Who Is Pi Cheolin? The SEVENTEEN Character Who Just Made His Debut

Here’s the origin of Dino’s Pi Cheolin character.

At the 38th Golden Disc Awards, SEVENTEEN‘s sub-unit BSS welcomed a special guest to perform on stage with them. The guest that shocked the members and dedicated Carats like STAYC‘s Yoon was Pi Cheolin.

Although Dino introduced himself as Pi Cheolin to the audience and dressed the part, they might’ve been confused about who the character was. It’s actually an inside joke among SEVENTEEN, Carats, and Cubics.

In a VCR clip from SEVENTEEN’s fifth CARAT LAND fan meeting, Dino played the character of “a nosy old man” named Pi Cheolin. The old villager was such a hit that he didn’t fade away to be forgotten.

Dino and The8.

Pi Cheolin caused laughter once again by appearing as the CEO of BOMG. He’s even made other appearances throughout SEVENTEEN’s content.

Starting off as a humble villager, Pi Cheolin became a CEO and has now debuted as a rapper at a famous awards show.

After seeing Pi Cheolin make his on-stage debut, Carats already know which of the members’ characters should debut next.

Who knows where Pi Cheolin will pop up next or what new role he’ll take on?

BSS with Pi Cheolin (Dino). | @pledis_17/Twitter




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