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Why EXO’s Baekhyun Doesn’t Listen To His Own Songs

“Because it’s my song, I tend to…”

Between the songs he sings as an EXO member and a solo artist, Baekhyun‘s vocals are on many songs. However, that doesn’t mean the idol necessarily listens to them.

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Baekhyun | SBS

Joining his friend and frequent collaborator Colde, Baekhyun admitted, “I don’t really listen to the songs I sing.

During the rare moments when Baekhyun does, he’s focused on noticing whether “anything changed a lot in terms of skills or abilities compared to the past or now.

Because Baekhyun concentrates so hard on the details of the song, it’s far from an enjoyable experience. There were exceptions to the rule, though.

But I don’t listen to enjoy it. Because it’s my song, I tend to analyze it with a cool head. That’s not much of enjoying my song.

— Baekhyun

Baekhyun revealed that Delight‘s “Love Again” and Bambi‘s “Love Scene” were the songs he listened to most often—but not for his own vocals. He praised Colde for nailing the songs’ emotions with his songwriting, “I think the lyrics were exactly what I was hoping for. Nice work.

While fans enjoy the idol’s songs to hear his lovely vocals, Baekhyun can’t listen to them without overanalyzing them.




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