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Why Girls’ Generation Is Being Mentioned After Selena Gomez’s Recent Instagram Post

Some found it hilarious, while others hit back at the singer.

When it comes to the color pink, there’s one girl group synonymous with it, and it’s Girls’ Generation.

The members of Girls’ Generation
Pink has always been associated with the group
Even in their latest comeback, pink was always predominant | The Korean Herald

And, of course, their beautiful pink light stick is one of the most recognizable, creating a beautiful sea of color at their concerts. For many fans, it is one of the most magnificent sights and showcases the loyalty of the fandom SONEs for over a decade.

The members of Girls’ Generation with their lightstick | SM Entertainment
A sea of lightsticks

Well, it seems like it isn’t just K-Pop where the pink is attractive. Netizens couldn’t hide their shock after seeing a pink sea of Girls’ Generation lightsticks in an Instagram post by Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez | @selenagomez/Instagram

On February 14, Selena Gomez shared a post for her fans on Valentine’s Day. On the first slide, with the fandom name, there was a photo montage of a pink sea of light at concerts.

| @selenagomez/Instagram

Selena Gomez doesn’t have a lightstick, and netizens were quick to notice that the photo was actually a montage of shots from Girls’ Generation concerts. The photo actually came from a thumbnail of a video entitled “Who the hell is Girls’ Generation.”

Although comments were restricted on the post, a Selena Gomez fan pointed it out on social media.

In the quotes, Girls’ Generation fans were quick to comment, sharing just how legendary the group is that their photos were used. Although many assume it was an intern who just searched for the photo that used the K-Pop photos, it was still mindblowing for some fans.

Others unsurprisingly called the artist out, saying that at least some research should’ve been done before anything was posted to such a public account with millions of followers.

As always, Girls’ Generation will always be famous and while a bit of research would help, if it leads more people to the legendary group, it’s all good for K-Pop fans.

Girls’ Generation



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