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Years-Old BTS Song Is The Runner-Up On This Week’s “Music Bank”

It even ranked highest in three categories!

Even with all of BTS‘s members currently enlisted in the military, their influence in the K-Pop industry continues to hold strong in ways even fans wouldn’t expect!


On January 12, the most recent episode of Music Bank aired, featuring performances by ITZYRIIZESF9OnlyOneOf, and others.

Only two songs were nominated as the winner of this week’s show, though, and one of the nominees was definitely unexpected!

The first nominee was “Be There For Me” by NCT 127, the group’s most recent release.

And the other nominee was none other than BTS’s iconic “Spring Day”, which came out nearly seven years ago!

While “Be There For Me” ended up taking home the win with 6,690 points compared to “Spring Day”‘s 2,784, the BTS song actually scored higher in the digital score, K-Pop fan vote, and social media categories.

“Spring Day” recently became the first song to ever rank on the MelOn yearly chart for seven years consecutively, proving how much of a staple it is in the K-Pop industry and Korean culture in general.

Jimin & Suga (BTS)

It’s appearance on this week’s Music Bank was brought up on an online forum post, and commenters shared their love and support for this timeless classic.

It doesn’t seem like “Spring Day” is going to be forgotten any time in the near future, as it shouldn’t be!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa



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