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2nd Gen K-Pop Idol Gets Real About The “Secret” Behind Her Unaging Visuals

The 42 year old opens up about aging.

Second-generation K-Pop idols continue to captivate fans by sharing stories about K-Pop’s earlier days on variety shows or hosting their own talk show programs, reuniting with their groups for anniversary promotions, or some 2nd gen groups have remained active to this day.

SHINee has promoted together since their debut in 2008. | SM Entertainment

Many second-generation idols have continued to stun netizens with their unaging visuals, appearing just as youthful as they did nearly two decades ago.

Recently, second-generation K-Pop idol group member Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha got real about her unaging beauty, as she, Kim Jaejoong, and actress Go Eun Ah discussed their age.

(From left:) Narsha, Go Eun Ah, and Kim Jaejoong | @uhmg/YouTube

Kim Jaejoong joked among his two friends that they’d be “really old” in five years, with Narsha playfully taking offense as the oldest among them at 42 years old.

Go Eun Ah and Kim Jaejoong immediately praised her, stating she still had a “baby face” and didn’t look her age.

Jaejoong added that if one compared Narsha’s debut-era visuals to her visuals now, she looks even younger at 42.

Narsha hilariously got real about the “secret” to her visuals, stating, “Of course. Do you know how much money I spent on my looks?

Narsha confidently continued, explaining, “You get a better body when you put that much effort in.” Before adding, “The same goes for your face.

Narsha has always been open about her plastic surgery, confidently sharing her thoughts on the subject on variety shows.

Check out her full conversation with Go Eun Ah and Jaejoong below!



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