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3rd Generation Boy Group Gets Real On What It’s Like To Repeatedly Fail To Gain Popularity

They didn’t have too much luck.

Block B‘s Zico and P.O recently starred in an episode of MBC‘s The Manager. Here, they reminisced on their past as K-Pop idols who debuted in 2011. They did everything they could to become more popular especially since they came from a small company.


Unfortunately, not all opportunities they grabbed turned out to be helpful.

We honestly thought Three Wheels would promote us a lot. We were like, ‘Three Wheels will help us hit the jackpot.’

— P.O

They believed wholeheartedly that they would become successful if they appeared on this show. They worked hard in order to maximize their air time, even doing a rap that they now find cringe-worthy as their introduction.

We did something like ‘Sangam-dong, Dohwa-dong.’

— Zico

Besides Three Wheels, they also appeared on 1000 Song Challenge in 2014, three years after their debut. It was another show that was popular among the general public given its fun format of singing random songs by memory. According to a cast member of The Manager, it was known to be a crucial program to appear in for one’s popularity to increase: “All rookies had to appear there at all costs.”

Though Block B was exhausted from their promotions, they again did their best to stand out during the shoot.

We were so tired but slept only 2 hours and went to shoot 1000 Song Challenge. We sang trot that we couldn’t pull off.

— Zico

Finally, they hoped that promoting their songs on the public music programs, Inkigayo and Show! Music Core! would boost their popularity even further. This, sadly, did not do much for their standing.

I thought we would top the chart if we appear on Three Wheels and Show! Music Core! But that wasn’t the case. I thought appearing on 1000 Song Challenge then Inkigayo would make us top the charts. That wasn’t the case.

— P.O

P.O joked that their efforts in those early years were useless. In the end, SM Entertainment boy group EXO was the real breakout act during their active period.

In the end, it was EXO that topped all the charts.



Though they were not able to break out in their rookie years despite these efforts, Block B eventually became a well-known group. They released hit songs such as “Nillili Mambo,” “Nalina,” “H.E.R,” and “Very Good.” Looking back on the unsuccessful part of their past, they have mostly good memories.

Talking about the old days is fun.




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