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5th Generation Girl Group Member Goes Viral For Resembling aespa’s Winter

But not everyone is on board.

A fifth-generation rookie female idol recently went viral on Korean online communities for resembling aespa member Winter.

Winter | @imwinter/Instagram

The idol in question is Kotoko from UNIS, the group that debuted through the popular SBS survival show Universe Ticket. The 16-year-old is currently under F&F Entertainment.

Kotoko | @koto._.1028/Instagram

On March 8, KST, a netizen posted a few pictures of Kotoko on the popular community site, TheQoo, mentioning that since Universe Ticket, the soon-to-debut trainee has started to increasingly look like Winter. In the photos, Kotoko does appear to be rocking short, straight hair with long bangs, a look that was a signature of Winter during the “Illusion” and “Savage” era.

download - 2024-03-09T050737.187
Kotoko | theqoo
download - 2024-03-09T050745.715
| theqoo
Winter | SM Entertainment

Kotoko also appears to have a similar face shape and nose, at least from certain angles.

download - 2024-03-09T050806.178
| theqoo
download - 2024-03-09T050810.549
| theqoo

In the newly-released concept photos of UNIS’s debut, her features, partially visible in a light-and-dark contrast, are all the more reminiscent of the aespa singer.

download - 2024-03-09T050827.807
| theqoo

The post went viral almost immediately, attracting over 60,000 views and 400 comments at the time of writing. Netzines’ opinion, however, is divided. 

Screenshot 2024-03-09 050129
| theqoo
  • “They look the same.”
  • “Uh…hm…”
  • “….?”
  • “The vibe is there, though?”
  • “She looks like the male idol who sang ‘Polaroid Love.’ The fair one, who said something inappropriate on ‘Channel Fullmoon’ or something similar.”
  • “As a muggle who can’t recognize idols’ faces, I understand what you mean, LOL. But if we keep trying to find similarities like this, all idols in the world would seem alike, LOL.”
  • “Not at all.”
  • “F*cking similar.”
  • “Is this a promotional tactic? They look nothing alike.”



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