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A BLACKPINK Fan Had The Surprise Of Her Life When Looking At The Background Of Her Photo

She had every reason to be surprised.

BLACKPINK was seen in a surprising location!

BLACKPINK | @blackpink_official/Instagram

Last April 2023, a BLINK took to social media to share a photo of two people taking what appeared to be at first glance “a regular mirror selfie.”

The two non-celebrities were in an undisclosed mall taking a photo in front of one of the store displays.

Upon closer inspection, however, Jisoo and Jennie were seen behind it! The X (Twitter) user confirmed that the non-celebrities “took pictures of themselves without knowing” who were behind them.

From these photos alone, the BLACKPINK singers looked gorgeous even from afar. They sported bare faces or minimal makeup, with their natural beauty and casual confidence shining through.

Netizens commented their amazement at the chance photo, saying, “Wow, they didn’t know?” and, “I also want to see BLACKPINK.” Many were regretful on their behalf for not noticing the K-Pop idols behind them.

  • Why do I feel regretful for the girls?
  • I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I were them.
  • I’d be mad at myself for not saying hi to BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK recently renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities. Fans will thus have more chances to see the members together in the future.




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