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A Famous Girl Group Member Lost 13 Kg In A Month To Debut

No one should have to take such extreme measures.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Because KARA is a legendary second-generation girl group, adding a new member in their seventh year was a serious matter. As a result, joining the group wasn’t an easy process for Youngji.

KARA’s Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji. | @KARAOFFICIAL329/Twitter

When appearing in Pungja‘s web series John Yeah Lovely, alongside the group’s leader Gyuri, Youngji revealed she put a lot of effort into weight loss to join KARA.

Shocking Gyuri and Pungja, Youngji revealed she “lost 13 kg (28 lbs) in a month.” Considering that the limit on healthy weight loss per month is only 3.6 kg (8 lbs), it was highly concerning.

On how she managed to drop the weight, Youngji did the opposite of what’s recommended to lose water weight. She said, “No water at all.

Earning sympathy from Pungja and Gyuri, Youngji was so conscious of her weight that she “drank it on the scale” to make sure she didn’t gain weight from the little bit of water she consumed.

Unfortunately, Youngji still became a target for criticism during her early years, with the media picking apart her weight. Nine years since then, the idol has grown from those tough times and can share her past struggles.

| @young_g_hur/Instagram

See Youngji look back on the unhealthy measures she took to join KARA.



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