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A Fan Asked BLACKPINK’s Rosé To “Throw It Back” And She Did Exactly That

The signs during BLACKPINK’s tour keep getting more and more creative.

BLACKPINK are halfway through with the American leg of their BORN PINK world tour. So far the group has performed for fans in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Hamilton! 


With a total of 45 stops, BLACKPINK are getting to travel around the world and see their fans for the first time since the In Your Area tour that began in 2018. At each show, fans are getting more and more creative with their signs and ways of getting the group’s attention on stage.

A fan attending one the group’s of the two nights of concerts in Hamilton, Ontario had the same idea and created quite sign in order to get Rosé‘s attention.

The fan’s sign says “Rosie Throw It Back,” a reference to a moment from one of Rosé’s live streams from 2020. During the live, a fan commented the phrase and she responded by saying “What? Am I supposed to twerk?”

| @Wony_foreva/Twitter

This time around it seems like Rosé knew exactly what to do, and decided to twerk for a moment after seeing the fan’s sign during soundcheck!

| @Wony_foreva/Twitter

Her twerking caught Lisa’s attention, and Rosé rushed to point out the sign to her. Lisa thought it was hilarious as well!

On top of that, it seems like the twerking bug spread and both Lisa and Jisoo twerked on stage later on during the actual concert!

BLACKPINK’s next world tour stops are in Chicago where fans are sure to be just as creative with their signs!



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