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A Look At The Food JYP Entertainment, HYBE, And YG Entertainment Serve In-House

Which is your favorite?

Each of the top entertainment agencies has their own in-house cafeterias. Back in the day, YG Entertainment was famous for having delicious food that even their artists brag about. When HYBE rose to the top, they invested in a state-of-the-art cafeteria that served great food at economic prices. Last but not least, JYP Entertainment focuses on organic and healthy options. Take a look at the nosh served at each of the three places!


Each meal here only costs ₩2,000 KRW (about $1.55 USD) for the employees.

The food looks just as appetizing as restaurant food.

The variety is also huge.

At the price, it’s a sure steal.

2. JYP Entertainment

Their salad bar is what makes them unique. Each meal is served with heaps of greens.

All of their food is organic.

3. YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment focuses on huge portions and homeliness.

It looks just like home-cooked food.

They mostly serve Korean food, complete with all the side dishes and soups.

Which cafeteria would you most like to eat at? SM Entertainment is the only company in the Top 4 that doesn’t have a cafeteria. Lee Soo Man once said that places which produce music should not smell like food.



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