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A Male Idol “Changed Completely” After Marrying His Wife, And His Members Are Grateful

One of his members couldn’t help thanking his wife for the change.

Even though a public relationship isn’t something SHINHWA‘s Lee Minwoo wants for himself, he acknowledged Eric, Junjin, and Andy for finding “great partners” to marry. In fact, one member turned into a completely different person thanks to his wife.

Since Junjin and his wife Ryu Yi Seo began dating, the SHINHWA members saw the idol do a complete one-eighty. Minwoo said, “She changed him completely.

Compared to before, Minwoo pointed out how happy Junjin has become. He said, “He’s so much brighter now.

Making Jaejoong and the Jaefriends staff burst into laughter, Minwoo couldn’t resist thanking Ryu Yi Seo for bringing out the best of Junjin.

I’m so happy for him. Props to her! Thank you for putting up with him.

— Lee Minwoo

Minwoo didn’t exaggerate one bit. Whether they’re on a date or filming for TV, the couple is always smiling.

Junjin and his wife Ryu Yi Seo. | @yiseo0913/Instagram
| @yiseo0913/Instagram

Just from the look Junjin gives his wife, anyone can see he’s happy and completely in love.

| @yiseo0913/Instagram

See Minwoo talk about how much Junjin has changed since marrying his wife Ryu Yi Seo.



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