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A Viral Video Of BTS’s V Hits Over 80 Million Views, Still Gaining Years Later

He even converted locals!

BTS‘s V is a talented idol who has captured hearts worldwide with his personality. His visuals only add to the package; many have fallen for his princely looks.


During BTS’s various appearances at international awards programs, V has often gained attention, earning nicknames like “The One With The Green Hair”…

… and “The Guy in the Bandana” from non-fans.

V, along with the other members of BTS, are currently serving out their mandatory military enlistments, but that has not stopped fans from keeping him trending.

More Photos Of BTS’s RM And V In The Military Posted Online

In fact, fans have brought back a viral video of the idol from more than two years ago!

In 2021, BTS held their Permission To Dance concert series in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, performing for fans across multiple nights in each city.


During the third night of the shows, V decided to change things up a bit and cosplay as one of the faceless security members from the hit drama series Squid Game.


When V revealed his face, the crowd went wild as the handsome idol posed.

A fan would post a clip of this moment on TikTok, where it gained over 25 million views overnight. Many non-fans filled the comments praising the idol for his looks.

However, this video is more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined!

The video recently passed over 80 million views, showing V’s power has continued over two years after the original clip was posted.


EXCUSE MI THIS FANSERVICE THO 😩 #fyp #bts #btsarmy #btsconcert2021 #taehyung #ptdonstage #btsv

♬ original sound – Ian Asher

The comment section is filled with comments from 2021 til now, with many recently commenting that they were still seeing the video at the end of 2023.

It just goes to show how powerful BTS’s V is!



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