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Actor Jung Hae In’s Brother May Just Be More Handsome Than He Is

Good genes run in his family.

Jung Hae In posted a picture of himself and his younger brother and it made headlines due to their insane family genes.

Actor Jung Hae In.

Actor Jung Hae In uploaded a very cute post of himself and his younger brother, Jung Hae Jun onto his Instagram page. With a simple caption “brother,” the actor shared a smiling picture of the two Jung siblings.

The post has started to make headlines due to Jung Hae Jun’s incredible visuals. Jung Hae Jun is 7 years younger than Jung Hae In, making him 28-years-old (international age). And if anyone takes a peek at his Instagram page, it doesn’t take long to realize that he is extremely, extremely fit.

Jung Hae Jun’s series of body profile photos | @ocean_joon/Instagram

Jung Hae Jun was preparing himself for a bodybuilding competition, as he uploaded body profile photos of himself onto his social media account to document his progress. He also hangs out with his brother often, baesd on their many pictures together on social media.

Unsurprisingly enough, this is not the first time that Jung Hae Jun made headlines for his visuals. Jung Hae In’s brother previously stole the hearts of netizens after appearing on Hangout With Yoo with the actor. His cute visuals and personality became the talk of the town, as he made headlines following the airing of the episode.

Jung Hae Jun (left) and Jung Hae In (right) | MBC

Jung Hae Jun is currently signed under FNC Entertainment, just like his brother. And while not much else is known about Jung Hae Jun, all we know is that the Jung family has some amazing genes.



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