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Actor Kim Seon Ho Spills On His Method For Transforming Into A Villain In “The Childe”

The director couldn’t see anyone else playing the role.

Actor Kim Seon Ho recently made his comeback after two years, playing the role of a professional killer in The Childe (originally titled Sad Tropics.)

Kim Seon Ho earned attention for his new role and the drastic transformation the actor had to make on-screen as he portrayed a villainous character.

Kim Seon Ho in “The Childe”

The talented actor began his career in the theater, making his way to multiple television roles and now a leading role in a feature film.

Kim Seon Ho’s latest TV role as Hong Du Sik in Hometown Cha Cha Cha charmed the nation, which left his transition from the lovable neighborhood jack-of-all-trades to the professional killer he now portrays in The Childe even more startling and impressive.

Kim Jong Kook recently met with the actor to film for his fitness YouTube channel and asked him all about his new role.

He wanted to know how Kim Seon Ho transformed into the villain for The Childe, and the actor had a humble reply.

The film’s director had previously stated at the movie’s press conference that there was no alternative actor fit for the role, and Kim Seon Ho explained that the director chose him because of his ability to portray the “clear-eyed madman.”

To channel the villainous mindset, he thought about his pursuit of the main character in the film and practicing his “madman” gaze.

He then humbly added that the rest of his evil character could be attributed to the director, camera crew, and lighting crew.

Check out more on Kim Seon Ho’s shocking transformation for The Childe in the article below!

Actor Kim Seon Ho Shocks Netizens With His Transformation For Film Debut “The Childe”



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