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Actor Son Suk Ku “Brags” About His Popularity Among Gay Men

Actor Son Suk Ku recently appeared on the YouTube show Zzanbro, hosted by celebrated comedian Shin Dong Yup, and listed his popularity in the Korean gay community as one of his bragging points.

Son Suk Ku | Hankyoreh

Son appeared on the show to promote his movie Troll Factory with his co-stars Kim Sung Cheol¸ Kim Dong Hwi, and Hong Kyung, and the episode was published on March 18, KST.

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The cast of “Troll Factory” | @zzanbro/YouTube 

During the episode, the cast and the hosts talked about various topics, including their filming process and off-camera chemistry, but a clip that went viral from the interview was Son talking about how he considers his popularity among gay men as an achievement.

The actor brought it up when Shing Dong Yup was talking about how he suddenly became fascinated by Son Suk Ku after watching his first entertainment show appearance in My Little Old Boy. Shin added that he has been so fascinated by the actor that, at one point, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had a bit of “gay DNA.”

In response, Son Suk Ku showed his genuine appreciation of the gay community, saying that his being voted the top choice among all male actors by the gay community in Korea is one of his biggest brags. He explained the reason, saying, “Because the gay guys are on top of trends,” adding that if something is being appreciated by them then it must be valuable.

Later when actor Kim Sung Cheol was being teased about a scene where his butt was almost revealed on camera, Shin joked that maybe if he had gone the whole way, he would’ve been on top of the list of actors voted as favorite by the gay community.

Son smugly joked that he had shown his butt on screen many times, adding, “You can’t simply rise in the ranks. The dedication is key.”

While he mentioned it half-jokingly, Son Suk Ku’s popularity in the Korean gay community is actually quite exceptional, as he has been taking the top spots in almost all surveys where they choose their favorite actors through the years. Read more about it here.

You can also watch the whole interview here:



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