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Aespa Karina’s Fansite Allegedly Exposes Themselves As A Sasaeng Amid Dating News With Lee Jae Wook

“If they know something about Karina’s life…”

Aespa’s Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook have become the center of attention following Dispatch’s revelation on February 27 about their new relationship. The news — initially met with skepticism by fans — was later confirmed by both C-JeS Studio and SM Entertainment, the respective agencies of the couple.

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The agencies both revealed that the two stars are indeed exploring a relationship after meeting at Prada’s fashion show in Milan and experiencing what was described as “love at first sight.

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The confirmation from both agencies comes after a period of intense speculation and denial, particularly from many of Karina’s fansites. One fansite in particular vehemently tried to debunk the dating rumors on Twitter, urging fans not to believe what they labeled as “fake news.

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The fansite’s strong and assured denial led to a wave of speculation among K-Pop fans, with many beginning to believe that the fansite might possess private knowledge about Karina. This would label them as a potential sasaeng — a term used to describe overly obsessive fans who invade the privacy of K-Pop idols.

Of course, the situation took a turn when the relationship was officially confirmed by both C-JeS Studio and SM Entertainment. The fansite’s initial denial — followed by their strong statements — raised questions about the information’s source and the intent behind their actions.

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Was it a case of misinformation, or were they attempting to “protect” Karina’s image at the cost of spreading false information?

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Either way, following the official statement from SM, the fansite tweeted one of their own — in which they promised to never leave Karina’s side no matter what.

While the fansite’s initial reaction might have been driven by a desire to shield Karina, it inadvertently led to accusations of sasaeng behavior — a serious concern in the idol fandom culture.

As the dust settles, the focus now shifts to Karina and Lee Jae Wook’s budding relationship, with fans and the public alike showing a renewed interest in their time together.



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