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Aespa Members Get Honest About Their Struggles With Exercise And Fitness

They called out the stereotypical expectations from girl group members.

The newest HANBAM YouTube series, Idol Complaint Manager Hur, kicked off its first episode with very special guests- the four members of aespa. The show’s name quite literally communicates its format, where host Heo Young Ji listens to idols’ grievances and offers solutions.

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The informal atmosphere of the show was complimented well by the unfiltered idols that aespa are known to be. The members seemed more than happy to voice out their honest complaints, including SM Entertainment’s reluctance to let them have individual Instagram accounts.

They also didn’t shy away from breaking a prevalent stereotype about girl group members. When Young Ji pulled out a silhouette picture of someone doing yoga and asked who it was, Karina shyly answered that it was her. She explained that the picture was taken when she was trying out flying yoga, and her teacher made her do that specific pose.

When Young Ji joked that there have been times when she would go for a workout but only take pictures in her gym outfits, NingNing chimed in, stating how difficult flying yoga was for them. Winter said it felt like someone was twisting her legs, while Karina admitted that she has cried while doing flying yoga before.

All four of them expressed their frustration at the standard expectation from girl group members to be flexible. Young Ji, who is also a girl group member (of KARA), agreed with her guests, saying it is just a stereotype, and she herself is unable to do things like splits till today.

Later in the episode, Karina expressed another one of her frustrations with her body. She wrote down that no matter how much she exercises, her abs never show, but it is her dream to have defined abs.

Young Ji offered a very creative and instant solution. She told Karina to hire makeup artists who specialize in body makeup to contour her abs to make them more prominent, making all four members break into a laugh. Being the gracious host, she even assured Karina that she would give her manager the contact information of such a makeup artist after the shoot!

Source: Idol Complaint Manager HUR



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