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All The Details Of aespa Giselle’s Sold-Out “No Bra” Fashion Trend Dress

“Hot Girl” Giselle strikes again.

Aespa‘s Giselle is a gorgeous and talented idol who can rock just about anything.

aespa’s Giselle | Mnet

In the past, she has gone viral for her outfits, with fans especially loving her “little black dress” moments.

Her outfit for the 2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon was another popular look that gained attention!

Aespa all looked gorgeous walking the red carpet for the event, and each member wore different styles of dresses that matched the color scheme of red, black, and white.

Giselle’s long-sleeved gown seemed to be the least “revealing” of the four, with a high collar and floor-length skirt.

This was not entirely true, as the gown exposed nearly all of Giselle’s back, a popular look used by the “no bra” fashion trend.

Giselle’s beautiful dress is the “Open Back Long Satin Dress” by Gucci and retails for $7,300 USD. The dress is currently sold out on Gucci’s website and has limited availability in stores.

| Gucci

The aespa member made quite the impact on the day of the event, trending in multiple locations worldwide, and in different categories on X.

She also went viral as fans raved about the look, getting many “hit tweets.”

Check out more of Giselle’s best looks below!

Aespa’s Giselle Shocks Netizens With Her “Hot Girl” Vibes — A Photoshoot With A Different Styling Team



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