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“Are They Cursed?” — Fourth-Generation Boy Group Loses 5 Members in Less Than 2 Years

The first member left in April 2022.

On September 22, fans of the fourth-generation boy group TO1 were shocked when member Renta announced via Instagram that he would leave the group.

Renta | @TO1_offcl/Twitter

“Hello, this is Renta.

I wanted to make sure I let TOgethers know how grateful I am, so I wrote this letter.
Recently, I have been thinking over my future, and what would be a good next step for me as I go ahead in life, and in the process I talked a lot with my family, my members, and the company. I thought it over very carefully and at the end of this discussion, I’ve come to conclude my activities as TO1’s Renta, and we’ve all decided to cheer on each other as we head on to better paths.

I came to korea with the dream of being an idol, and in the midst of experiencing many different things was able to debut as a member of TO1 and fulfill that dream. i was very happy.

I always told this to my family and to my members but i really feel like it was written in my fate to debut as TO1, and I loved it. In the past year i was able to meet so many people and have lots of precious experiences.

 I was able to reach the things that I had been dreaming of long before my debut and the times I was able to spend with our leader Jaeyun, Chan, Donggeon, Jisu, Jeyou, Kyungho, Daigo, and Yeojeong, were the happiest in my life.

More than anything, i was able to have these happy times because of TOgethers who stayed by my side. Thank you, TOgethers.

I wanted to show a more improved and grown side of myself to TOgethers and I’m sad to leave it at this, but I’ll always do my very best to make sure i can put my best foot forward in the future.

I wish the best for our TOgethers always. Make sure to eat well. I’ll be just fine, too, so don’t worry about me.
I love you, TOgethers, and thank you!

I’ll see you again.”

— Renta

As goals and desires change, it is not surprising to see members depart from their groups, but it is unusual to see as many members leave a group as have departed from TO1 in the last two years.

TO1, originally TOO, is a boy group created from the 2019 survival program To Be World Klass. Originally ten members, the group made their official debut in April 2020.

Some fans say this is where the “bad luck” around the group began, as the Produce series rigging scandal began when they were created and first active, taking attention away from the group.

After their transfer to WakeOne and name change, the members continued making music until their first line-up change in April 2020, when member Chihoon departed from the group.

Chihoon | @TO1_offcl/Twitter

June 2020 saw a massive change to the line-up, with members Woongi, Minsu, and Jerome announced to be leaving the group. At the same time, WakeOne added three new members — Daigo, Renta, and Yeojeong.

Woongi | @TO1_offcl/Twitter
Minsu | @TO1_offcl/Twitter
Jerome | @TO1_offcl/Twitter
TO1’s line-up before Renta’s departure. | @TO1_offcl/Twitter

TO1 have not released new music since November 2022, and with Renta’s announcement, many are left wondering what is happening with the group. Others have criticized WakeOne for their inactivity, wishing for the talented group to be active again.

WakeOne has not posted an official announcement about Renta’s departure as of writing.



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