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BIBI Claps Back At Foul-Mouthed Hater…By Giving Them The Same Energy 

Popular Korean singer BIBI (Naked BIBI) is known for many different things, from her talents and artistic direction…

…to her visuals.

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BIBI is also known even outside of her fandom for her rambunctious attitude, often going viral for doing the wildest things. For example, her appearance at Head In The Clouds produced two moments — one when she threw condoms out to the crowd and another when she kissed a woman in the audience.

As you can imagine, what she says is just as unfiltered as seen in the lyrics for the new song “Sugar Rush.” Netizens were left in shock by the masturbation-related innuendo found.

BIBI’s New Song Shocks Netizens With Its NSFW Lyrics

Recently, the star showed a hater exactly why they shouldn’t expect to mess with her and get away with it!

During a live stream, BIBI expressed some sarcastic surprise that someone commented f*ck you on her stream.

Did you say f*ck you to me? Oh my God. Did you say f*ck you to meee? Oh nooo.


She then questioned the commenter’s audacity, saying that they “choose the wrong person” and that she can swear back because she is “not an idol, bitch.

You want to swear to me? Oh f*ck. [laughs] Do you wanna swear to me, oh my God. You choose the wrong person. You choose the wrong person, you motherf*cker. You think I can’t swear? I’m not an idol, bitch. F*ck you. [laughs]


When interacting with stars, one should always remember to be kind not just because they’re people, too, but also because you never know if you’ll get called out!



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