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BLACKPINK Jennie’s “2023 Met Gala” Interview Goes Viral Again… For The Distracting “Wattpad Boyfriends”

“They got tired of Wattpad.”

When BLACKPINK‘s Jennie attended the legendary 2023 Met Gala, netizens were in awe of her stunning visuals.

From a behind-the-scenes video of Jennie getting ready…

To her interview on the red carpet, Jennie showed off her incredible visuals and bright personality.

| Vogue/YouTube

But even as netizens were praising Jennie, her Met Gala interview did go viral for a surprising reason: American rapper Doja Cat.

In the background of Jennie’s interview, Doja Cat was spotted using a vape, and fans couldn’t have been more entertained by the unexpected “interaction” between the two popular stars.

Recently Jennie and other Met Gala guests’ interviews are again gaining attention for a distracting part of the background: the “Wattpad men.”

| @signofthetimcss/Instagram 
| @signofthetimcss/Instagram 

Urban Dictionary defines a “Wattpad Boy” as “someone who is essentially damn near perfect…” as inspired by the unrealistic expectations set in some of the online platform Wattpad’s stories and fan fiction.

And certainly, the men in the background of the Met Gala interviews were “Literally book boyfriends” as netizens admired their unreal visuals.

Now if these men looked too good to be true, that’s because they sort of were. Netizens pointed out that big events like the Met Gala often hire models to fill in the background.

And while, naturally, many netizens were curious about the “Wattpad men’s” identity, a few of the models stumbled upon the post and identified themselves.

You can read more about Jennie’s appearance at the Met Gala here.

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