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BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun Reveals “Serenade” Was Based On His Parents’ Love Story

He shares the movie-worthy moment that inspired the lyrics.

BOYNEXTDOOR, KOZ Entertainment‘s first K-Pop boy group, released their debut single album WOW! on May 30, 2023, and they’re already earning attention from fans worldwide.


As HYBE Labels‘ latest group, the members have been introducing themselves to new fans through individual interviews with Weverse Magazine.

The first interview was with BOYNEXTDOOR’s leader Jaehyun, who revealed a heartwarming story about how the group’s song “Serenade” was inspired by his parents’ love story.

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun | Weverse Magazine

BOYNEXTDOOR released triple title tracks for their debut, and “Serenade” had the six members working up their courage to confess their feelings before declaring their love for the “whole neighborhood” to hear.

Ah, please, don’t say no
Oh, I don’t want to be just friends
From my head to toe
No, even my heart’s under pressure

I love you, baby, baby, baby
I’ve been screaming the whole neighborhood knows (I like you)
My neighbors go, yah, yah, yah
Let’s get some sleep, yoo-ooh, oh-oh
I swear you’ll like it

— BOYNEXTDOOR’s translated “Serenade” lyrics

The story and lyrics were based on Jaehyun’s parents’ love story, which he shared with fans in his Weverse Magazine interview.

When I heard my parents’ story, I wanted to write it into lyrics and that’s “Serenade.” My dad stood outside my mom’s window every night, telling her that he loved her, so the whole neighborhood ended up knowing what my mom’s name was. (Laughs)


| Weverse Magazine

He even changed some of the original lyrics to reflect what he imagined their neighbors thought at the time, hilariously conveying them “begging to get some sleep.

The original lyrics in the guide track was “yoo-hoo” as in, really serenading someone, but I thought the lyrics would be too plain if we started to sing again, so I went with “ㅠㅜ (yoo-oo)” instead. But “ㅠㅜ” means that someone’s sad and annoyed so I wrote the lyrics in the point of view of the neighbors who are begging to get some sleep.


Check out how BOYNEXTDOOR brought Jaehyun’s parents’ love story to life in the “Serenade” music video below!



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