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Brand New BTS Jungkook Song Covers Are Going Viral, But There’s A Catch

“It sounds exactly like…”

BTS Jungkook‘s cover songs are well-loved among fans as they can’t get enough of his incredible voice. But the most recent Jungkook “covers” going viral weren’t actually sung by Jungkook himself.

BTS’s Jungkook

As technology continues to improve and grow, K-Pop is finding new ways to include AI and the metaverse into everything from artist concepts

Aespa with their avatars | SM Entertainment

To even K-Pop artists themselves.

K-Pop girl group MAVE: is entirely comprised of virtual members | @MAVE_official_/Twitter

We have even previously reported on how AI generators actually work in creating art through examples of how an AI generator draws BTS.

AI’s attempt to “draw” RM

Which was likely reassuring for K-Pop fan artists everywhere.

BTS’s Jungkook
AI’s attempt to “draw” Jungkook

Another new way AI is beginning to impact K-Pop is through the use of AI-generated songs. AI-generated music and even covers have started to sweep the internet as the technology can replicate a song’s flow or an artist’s voice.

American magazine WIRED recently reported on the possible impact of this new AI technology on the music industry. On the one hand, AI generates the music so quickly that, just like with AI-generated artwork, AI music might become a sort of competition for actual musicians.

But there’s potential for a flood of AI-generated content to be unleashed onto streaming platforms, competing with real people and their compositions for the attention of your ears.


Unrelated image of BTS’s Jungkook recording music | BANGTANTV/YouTube

But on the other hand, “The music business is pushing back against AI.” According to WIRED, companies like Universal Music Group are bringing up the concern of copyright infringement to streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

There are even arguments that using already released music to “train” AI to produce music is further “unauthorized” infringement on artists’ rights.

Last year, the Recording Industry Association of America submitted a list of AI scrapers to the US government, claiming that their ‘use is unauthorized and infringes our members’ rights’ when they use copyrighted work to train models.



Still, with this newfound technology, K-Pop fans are excited to hear some of their favorite artists “cover” some of their favorite songs. Jungkook’s new AI-generated covers, for instance, are going viral on TikTok. Such “covers” include The Weeknd‘s “Die for You.”


Jungkook Ai sings Die for you by the Weeknd ( I KNOW IT’S NOT PERFECT- I AM WORKING ON IT) #jungkook #jungkookai #aicover #theweeknd #theweekndai #kpopfyp #kpop #kpopcover #fyp

♬ jungkook singing die for you – ????????

And Olivia Newton-John‘s “Hopelessly Devoted To You.”


Still working on hight notes, but here’s another cover. I’ll try to bring you more songs soon. #jungkook #jeongguk #방탄소년단 #AI #jeonjungkook #army

♬ Still With You – Jung Kook

While listening to these viral “covers,” some fans are voicing their hope that Jungkook will actually cover these songs, which shows that there is a market for these AI-generated covers, since it allows fans to hear Jungkook “cover” these songs.

But others are pointing out that it feels “scary” to be able to create a cover like this.

Still there’s no denying that regardless of how you feel about these AI-generated covers, they’re shockingly believable sounding.

You can read more here.

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