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BTS Jimin’s Unexpected “Appearance” In A History Textbook Draws Attention


A post made by a student who seemingly found “BTS‘s Jimin” in her Chinese History textbook has caught the attention of thousands of netizens.

Jimin 1

F*ck, this is hilarious. Jimin is in my Chinese History textbook.

– Threads user

The student included a photo of her textbook, which indicates the photo was taken in 1916.

Jimin 3
Chinese History textbook | @kovieq/Threads
Jimin 4
Chinese History textbook | @kovieq/Threads

A netizen even compared the photo in the book directly to Jimin’s photo and commented, “100%.”


Post by @megan_chu_qq

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Other netizens also made light-hearted comments about the photo.

Jimin 2

  • “Crazy, I thought they looked alike when I saw this page too.”
  • “They…really look alike.”
  • “A mix of RM and Jimin!”
  • “Help, the way she stands is like Park Jimin too.”
  • “Damnnnnnn.”

While the real Jimin is not in this particular textbook, there’s no doubt he, along with his fellow BTS members, will go down in history as one of the best K-Pop acts!


Post by @kovieq

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