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BTS V’s “Little Sister,” Actress Rina Johnson, Is All Grown Up Now

Here’s what she’s up to in 2023.

From on-stage performances to photoshoots, BTS has worked with several child stars. Although the members are always kind to their young co-stars, V‘s interactions with his “little sister” were especially sweet.

V and Rina Johnson behind the scenes | BANGTANTV/YouTube

In 2020, actress Rina Johnson appeared in BTS’s dystopian music video for “ON.” She and her “brother” V journeyed to a brave new world together.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

At the time of shooting, the ’06 liner was 13-years-old. After filming ending, Rina had nothing but good things to say about V and the rest of BTS’s members. In fact, she hopes to work with them again someday.


[V] asked me many questions, like in the first scene, when we were both looking up at the sun he asked if the sun was in my eyes and, since I have really sensitive eyes, I said, ‘Yeah, it is.’ And he was like, ‘Me too.’ That’s why every break he would close his eyes, because it was really sunny.

— Rina Johnson

Since appearing in “ON” MV, Rina has acted in television shows (Totally Studios and Uncle Jimmy) and short films (Whisper of the Sea).

When she’s not acting, the now 17-year-old actress shares updates about her life on Instagram. This year, Rina attended her junior prom with friends…

…celebrated her seventeenth birthday…

…and had fun in the sun with her adorable corgi, Mochi.

For more, find out what the actress from BTS’s “War of Hormone” MV is up to lately.

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Source: Rina JohnsonOfficial

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