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BTS’s Jungkook Made Secret Arrangements To Ensure ARMYs Were Taken Care Of At A Popular Establishment

A vlogger ARMY shared their experience!

Like all the other BTS members, Jungkook, too, loves spoiling ARMYs, sometimes beyond their imaginations.

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While fans are primarily here for the good music, Jungkook always makes sure to convey his genuine appreciation through sweet gestures, even when the cameras are not rolling. Recently, an ARMY witnessed this genuine generosity of the singer completely unexpectedly!

Angoo, a popular Korea-based food and travel content creator, is also a proud fan of BTS, who often goes to places visited by the group’s members and shares interesting experiences with other fans. In January, they went to a barbecue place in Gangnam called “Sokuri” which was visited by Jungkook in the past.

The restaurant, popular for its frozen pork belly, has also been visited by SEVENTEEN members Hoshi and Mingyu, along with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. All four of these idols left their signatures to be exhibited on the restaurant wall!

Angoo even ordered the same menu that Jungkook had supposedly gotten — three servings of frozen pork belly barbecue, kimchi rolled noodles, and cheonggukjang, a type of soybean paste and tofu stew.

The creator praised the menu items highly, even commending Jungkook’s choice of dishes for being perfectly balanced.

For dessert, they got the sweetest gesture from both Jungkook and the establishment. The restaurant’s manager told Angoo that during his visit, Jungkook requested him to take extra care of ARMYs when they visited the place.

Honoring their promise, the restaurant gave Angoo some amazing freebies, including makgeolli, highball, and red bean shaved ice!


The video recently went viral on X (formerly Twitter), where fans expressed their extreme gratitude for having an idol like Jungkook who treats them this special.




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