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BTS’s V Discovered The Ultimate Pose After Taking 2,000 Photos In One Go

It might become your new fave pose!

Considering the number of years BTS‘s V has been an idol, it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s already an expert at posing for the camera! He learned many tips and tricks along the way, and he had something to say about it in a recent interview.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On that note, the “Slow Dancing” singer recently answered questions from ARMYs on Spotify‘s UNBOXING SHOW. Midway through the interview, he was asked to share a pose that he thinks looks best in photos.

During photoshoots, I’m not even lying. I take about 2,000 photos. And every time, the best ones always had the same pose.

— V

Without hesitation, he went on to demonstrate his favorite one. He said that he turns his body slightly to the side and looks at the camera. Before, he used to lift his chin up, but now he found that it looks much better when he lowers it.

Give it a shot!” he shouted encouragingly.

You first turn your body like this. You turn and look at the camera. I used to lift my chin up a lot out of habit. Now, I lower my chin instead. Then, it’s very likely that you’ll succeed with a high probability. Give it a shot!

— V

And just like V promised, this pose truly does look incredible! See it for yourself in the concept photos below.





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