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BTS’s V Gets Real About His Fear Of Losing Fans’ Love

He shared how his feelings of fear have changed a bit.

When BTS performed their first in-person concert in two years, V gave a heartbreaking speech where he wondered “if there would be any ARMY left now.


Because some time has passed since V shared that thought, a Vogue Korea interviewer dived into the topic with the idol.

You mentioned somewhere that you were afraid and unsure that the fans would not love you any more if you stayed out of their sight for long. Do you still have that fear?

— Interviewer

Due to the group’s participation in more concerts and events, he felt more secure. V said, “I feel good lately because I’m back on track to meet our fans, with concerts and all that. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for me.” He then became a bit more vulnerable.

V expressed disappointment with the limitations that keep him from meeting fans. He revealed, “Sometimes I feel as though I don’t meet the fans as much as I want to, considering certain limits like physical strength, etc.

| @thv/Instagram

Because of that, he gives it his all whenever the opportunity arises. V finished, “I try my best to show the most of myself whenever I get a chance to meet our fans.

Although V’s fear has lessened, the fact that he wants to do even more to show his love for fans proves their strong connection. No matter how much time passes, fans will always love him.




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