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C-Pop Idol Accidentally Reveals His K-Pop Bias With An Iconic Lockscreen

He’s just like us!

Though it is easy to forget sometimes, celebrities are just like us. They have similar hopes and dreams and also share hobbies that many others have. C-Pop boy group member Liu Yaowen of TNT (also known as Teens In Time) just accidentally showed how much like us he is by having a photo of his favorite K-Pop idol as his lock screen!

TNT’s Liu Yaowen

TNT is a 7 member group formed through a survival reality program called Typhoon Project. Liu Yaowen, the group’s youngest member, was born in 2005 and is the main dancer of the group.

The group is currently rising in popularity in China due to their massive talent and ability to rock any concept.

Recently, netizens noticed a small detail in a video of the group that has now gone viral.

In the clip, you can see Liu Yaowen cleaning off his phone screen, and as he does so the lockscreen of the phone is lit up.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly realized that the photo on his lock screen was none other than NewJeans’s Haerin!

New Jeans’s Haerin.

The term “Liu Yaowen screen-saver” and Haerin’s name both reached the top of search rankings on social media in China as fans began to look for information about the pair.

Haerin was also born in 2005, so many fans simply believe he is just a huge fan of the group and her! This is easily understandable as many celebrities in Korea are fans of NewJeans and their catchy music!



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