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Chinese Woman Makes $450,000 USD A Year At A Job That Nearly Anyone Can Do

It only took five years.

Making a living isn’t always easy, but with today’s technology, more people than ever before are finding ways to turn their hobbies into careers.

Lele Tao

Meet Lele Tao, a woman from China who began live-streaming at the age of 18. Within her first month of streaming, she made $2,800 USD, and her profits steadily climbed over time. 


After five years, she was earning a staggering amount, $450,000 USD per year, from simply live streaming. 


At the time of her interview with BBC, Lele Tao was just 24 years old and making more than most people even dream of!

In general, her live streams mostly feature her singing, playing games, and chatting with her fans. In order to keep her +1 million fans entertained, she has a 3-hour dance practice every morning, then prepares her stream before signing on for her daily 9-hour stream. 


Although live-streaming isn’t everyone’s dream job, with platforms such as Twitch and YouTube available, anyone with a camera now has the opportunity to chase their dreams of internet stardom.

Watch the full video of Lele Tao’s story below:

Source: BBC



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