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Chinese Woman Tries To Help Scammed Boyfriend, Accidentally Implicates Him Instead

It brought him trouble in the end.

A Chinese woman accidentally put her boyfriend in trouble.

On April 11, a man from Gucheng, China, bought fake cash to buy an apartment for his girlfriend as per her parent’s request. Broke, he could only afford to trick the property with fake cash.

He placed several bundles in a suitcase and entrusted it to his girlfriend to deposit it for the apartment. The latter, however, soon found that it was fake when she visited the bank. Only the first bill on top of the bundles was designed to look like real money. The rest were coupons used by bank employees during training.


Believing her boyfriend was scammed, the woman brought the suitcase straight to the police station. It soon came to light that the boyfriend was the mastermind behind this deceit. He admitted to buying fake bills in order to buy the flat that his girlfriend’s parents pressured him to purchase.

Her parents wanted me to buy her a flat, but I could not come up with that much money at the time, so I bought these papers online.



Individuals who are found to possess or utilize counterfeit currency in significant quantities can face imprisonment exceeding 10 years, in addition to a fine of up to 500,000 yuan (equivalent to $70,000 USD).

The boyfriend, however, was saved from this potential indictment as coupons are not considered counterfeit money. He was instead scolded by the police for the potential crime.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the news, with some sympathizing with him and others berating him. The girlfriend, meanwhile, was praised for her kind heart.

  • “If he did not have the money, he should have just said so, instead of resorting to such deceit.”
  • “The girl would rather believe her boyfriend was scammed than think he was deceiving her.”
  • “The girl is really smart. If she had confronted him directly, he might have insisted the money was real or claimed back the supposed 700,000 yuan after a break-up. Reporting him to the police was indeed the best choice.”
  • “On the one hand, the family sells their daughter for 700,000 yuan. On the other, the boyfriend fakes 700,000 yuan with training coupons. Who’s more absurd?”

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