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Choreographer YoungBeen Joo Spills On His First Impression Of B.I, And It Speaks Volumes About The Artist’s True Personality

They’ve been working together since before “Waterfall.”

In B.I‘s YouTube series, Is this really necessary?, B.I went camping with two of his close friends and team members, YoungBeen Joo and Shawn. YoungBeen and Shawn are choreographers and members of the dance crew, AITTY TOO, and if you follow 1MILLION DANCE STUDIO, you’ve definitely seen their killer choreography. Most recently, the two helped choreograph B.I’s “BTBT” and are also his dancers for his stages.

YoungBeen, in particular, has been working with B.I since B.I’s song, “Waterfall.” The two first met when B.I reached out to YoungBeen on social media after coming across videos of his dancing.


Though he initially contacted YoungBeen for lessons, B.I fell deeper and deeper in love with YoungBeen’s talent and asked him to create the choreography for “Waterfall.” From then on, their relationship blossomed into a true brotherhood, and they’ve continued to work with each other ever since.

But the more I got to know him, I grew mesmerized by his talent. So I asked him to create the ‘Waterfall’ choreography. And since then, I’ve always had an unshakeable trust in his abilities.

— B.I

B.I wasn’t the only one to be mesmerized by talent. YoungBeen holds just as much respect and admiration for B.I. His first impression differs greatly from his first interaction with B.I, proving how the rapper’s hardworking and kind personality is impossible to hide.

[My first impression of him?] I wouldn’t say cold-hearted, but perhaps impolite? But I was really shocked to learn just how well-mannered and respectful he is. I’ve never met someone who worked with so much passion.

— YoungBeen

Like everyone who’s worked with B.I, the more YoungBeen got to know him, the more he realized how great of an artist B.I was, and what great things awaited B.I’s future.

And since his mom was also a huge fan of B.I, YoungBeen had high expectations for working together with B.I, and B.I more than met his expectations.

When YoungBeen first received the request to choreograph “Waterfall,” he had only been asked to choreograph a part of it, but he fell in love with the song and insisted on choreographing the entire piece, resulting in a beautiful musical and visual masterpiece.

YoungBeen and Shawn are also involved in the choreography for B.I’s upcoming title track “Keep Me Up” for Love or Loved Part. 1, and it promises to be just as impressive, if not more so, than “BTBT.”



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